Our special service
Pumps are carefully disassembled in our repair service. We examine all components thoroughly for any damage or wear.

With full transparency, it is easy to keep an eye on costs – we will keep you informed of all the facts. Based on the appraisal, we will provide you with a quotation for the repair and we will tell you the price of a new product, for comparison. This gives you all the facts you need in order to make a decision as to whether to go ahead with the repair.

Repair work using original parts puts your pump in a condition that is (almost) as good as new.

You can rely on us

If anything has got out of hand, we will work out the actual parameters that are necessary with you and we’ll offer you the optimum and the most economical alternative.

We will assess any damage to your pump, neutrally and professionally.

For anything you send to us, we kindly ask you to use this RMA form.