Performance brought to the point

We act according to the motto: “Always the right pump” for your specific application.
With more than 30 years of experience, we are able to offer the most economical and convenient technology for your requirements.
You give us the details of your application, and we’ll design the pump exactly to your needs.

Your pump will be designed for a specific operating range or the exact operating point for your system.
This operating range or operating point must be within the permissible application range of the pump that is used. Each type of pump has its own application range and therefore, this is different from type of pump to type of pump.
This prevents damage to the pump from the very start. This means more security for your processes and no unscheduled failures.

Information for determining the permissible application range of a pump by means of characteristic curves:

The beginning of the fully plotted characteristic curve identifies the max. permissible pump pressure and the min. flow rate that is required.
The end point of the pump characteristic curve indicates the min. pump pressure and the max. possible flow rate.
Dashed areas are purely theoretical data for the max. achievable final pressure of a pump in the case of 0-feed.
The pump should not be operated in the dashed or non-plotted area of a pump characteristic curve.

Are you not sure if your pump is operating within the permissible application range?
Contact us. We are happy to help.