Product Information

Exterior gear transfer pump
The LT pumps are manufactured in several sizes. As a result, the flow rates that are required are easy to realise.
The robust pump is capable of pumping nearly all pumpable media up to a viscosity of 80,000 cP.
As a general rule, the speed is determined by the viscosity or the lubricity of the medium, wherein speeds up to 1.500 n max. are usually used for LT pumps.

Preferential models are available directly from stock.
Types: LT, BT

Flow rate
4 cm³/rev. up to 1,500 cm³/rev.

Feed pressure
up to 16 bar

grey cast iron, bronze, stainless steel

oil, paraffin, bitumen, colour, glue, etc.

(The LT-pumps are the performance-equivalent, follow on alternative to the STEIMEL T-pumps and TM-pumps)