Product Information

Know how it works! – The manometer helps!
For operation control, it is important to determine the operating point on the pump characteristic curve.
Recommended for determining pressure and indirectly, the volume flow.
The speedometer for your pump – A must for every installation!

Your pump is designed for a specified operating range or operating point for your plant. This operating range must be within the permissible range for the pump that is used.
Each pump type has its own application area and this is different from pump type to pump type.

A manometer is the simplest and most economical way to check whether the pump is running on your characteristic curve. As a result of this knowledge, systemic pump damage can be avoided. As such, premature failure of the pump can also be averted.

Using the pressure that is read, the corresponding flow rate can be determined on the basis of the pump’s characteristic curve. You can always see the necessary information for your process.
Take advantage of our decades of experience and competence in order to check your pump applications. We are happy to help you.

See the operating point of your pump immediately
• The current feed pressure can be read directly
-> this provides the current flow rate

• The min. feed pressure is maintained
-> Damage as a result of cavitation is prevented

• The max. feed pressure is not exceeded
-> Damage as a result of overheating is avoided

• Fault-free operation of your pump
-> Process security is guaranteed